Ask MetaFilter: Singles intercourse parties l. A.

Ask MetaFilter: Singles intercourse parties l. A.

I am a female that is attractive my twenties. I have never experimented intimately beyond regular male/female intercourse. I am really thinking about being with an other woman, having a threesome, being watched, viewing, etc.

We reside in Los Angeles, around me, but I’m very cautious and don’t want to end up being killed by some wacko I met on craigslist so I feel like there must be a lot of opportunity.

Is there settings, like pubs or groups, where individuals are partying in a far more sexual manner? We when saw a bout of Nip/Tuck where Christian went along to a celebration where everyone was sex that is having in the available, yet others would simply interact. Performs this exist?

If you have got an event comparable, I would like to hear it.

Yes they exist, at the very least around here Meetup is a fairly great place to locate them.

Yes, they nevertheless utilize meetup.

Mostly since they just take privacy *very* really, many of them have actually regular jobs, a troubling quantity in industries that could not likely just take kindly to realizing that someone wishes different lovers etc. Meetup permits some selection.

Otherwise try to find things like free alternative papers, etc. It really is as being similar to cooking pot once you understand some individuals it appears impractical to ever perhaps maybe not understand how to obtain it, but til you can get that certain individual it could be very hard.

Swing groups do occur but that’s like leaping to the deepest end associated with the pool.