Keep Old Faithful or Purchase a brand new Bike?

Keep Old Faithful or Purchase a brand new Bike?

Whew, this was a period consuming task – my very first podcast! Well…uh, maybe i ought to say ‘my first online electronic sound file.’ Podcast suggests a number of tracks and also this girlfriend just isn’t going to invest in a few any such thing, particularly when it takes editing that is endless. Nevertheless, my recorded interview with Kate Nelson at Western Bikeworks is finally good adequate to share with you. But let’s call it a podcast anyhow, only for enjoyable, ok?

I’m thinking about the girl that is wondering if it’s time to replace the old clunker (bike) collecting dust inside her garage or if perhaps she can have the ability to get a few more kilometers from the jawhorse.

Would it be time?

Do you want brand brand NEW? lots of women assume that getting a brand new bicycle is step one in planning to bicycle with Ride Like a lady. My reaction is: There is no need a brand new bicycle to begin cycling! The thing you need would be to make fully sure your present bicycle is safe and functional. Many bicycle stores will likely be pleased to look it over and work out adjustments that are minor. Oftentimes, that is all you have to get rolling.

Think about this bicycle, for instance.