# 7. The ‘Elephant’. Also called: The ‘Carousel’. Method:

# 7. The ‘Elephant’. Also called: The ‘Carousel’. Method:

She appears in the sleep and you also kneel right in front of her. Along with her foot either part of one’s legs, she places her arms on your own arms and gently reduces by herself down onto you.

After your shaft comes into her, she can put her feet with her hands around your neck around yours and support herself. You support her by wrapping your hands around her back.


Into the standard ‘Elephant’ position, she wraps her feet around yours and that means you cannot relax on your own heels. One variation will be have her put her feet around your buttocks or back. This provides you a higher range of flexibility and enables you to thrust more forcibly into her.


  • This position that is face-to-face satisfy your woman’s cravings for attention contact and love.
  • The ‘Elephant’ will offer her amazing A-spot (anterior fornix) stimulation as the shaft will strike the leading wall of her vagina, simply at the throat of her womb.
  • You’ll enjoy deep penetration and she’ll love the extreme P-spot (posterior fornix) stimulation as the shaft strikes the low arch associated with throat of her womb, additionally understood additionally the spot’ that is‘deep.
  • Besides kissing her lips and throat, you may also fondle and kiss her breasts, and fondle her buttocks easily whilst in this position.


  • As her feet should be wrapped around yours, you should be careful about tilting right back and trapping her feet throughout the throes of ecstasy. Her wrap her legs behind your buttocks or lower back to avoid this as we mentioned above, one variation is to have.
  • It is a position that is physically demanding demands core human anatomy power. Should your endurance is not great, you may possibly be exhausted very long before she’s happy!

#8. The ‘Disco’

Also referred to as: The ‘Dance of Love’.


She appears upright along with her legs apart that is shoulder-width. You stay dealing with her together with your foot together.